Export information & services

| If you export your car, we offer you additional export services to make everything from purchase to delivery as simple as possible. We are happy to help you with: temporary license plates, shuttle service at nearby train stations and inform you about which airports and hotels are nearby.

Intracommunity supply

Every company within the European Union has the possibility to purchase a car without VAT. When you provide us a valid VAT identification number and company registration documents.

NATO & Tax free

Civilians and employees of NATO with a NATO status are allowed and entitled to tax exemption when buying a (used) car. Also SHAPE AMIS I.D. holders are entitled to tax exemption.

Export documents & license plates

If you export your car, we can assist with all the documentation you need for every country in specific. If you want to drive your car back yourself, we can arrange (export) license plates.

Our additional export services

With our additional export services, we assist you to make everything as easy as possible. Our employees are happy to help you with our shuttle service and finding an accommodation.

Exporting a car outside the European Union

When you export your vehicle outside the borders of the European Union, you do not have to pay VAT. We are glad to help you if you have additional questions about the export procedure and we can also assist you with, for example: export documents, EURO-1 certificate or (export) license plates.

Take a look at our cars

Take a look at our cars in our digital showroom. Our daily changing stock consists a wide range of vehicles in different classes and brands.

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