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As an international automotive company we are mainly aimed on the import and export of young used vehicles. At this moment we have a strong market presence in Europe and are increasingly looking beyond the European markets. We are glad to offer our customers the opportunity to buy cars tax free. There are several options to buy tax free at our company; In the below you can read everything about buying tax free and verify whether you are qualified to do so.

Buying a car B2B | Intra-Community supply

Intra-Community supply is involved if you purchase or sell a car B2B (company to company) from one E.U. country to another.

Every company within the European Union has the possibility to purchase a car without VAT (netto price 0% VAT) when they provide a legal VAT identification number and company registration documents. The required documents can be delivered by e-mail.

What do you need?

  1. Company (registration) documents
  2. Original passport of the organization owner or director
  3. Valid company VAT identification number
  4. Transport declaration or CMR

Buying a car B2C | Export outside E.U.

In case you buy a car  to export it outside of the European Union, we do not charge VAT, though we still deduct the (full) VAT as a deposit.

The (VAT) deposit will be reimbursed to your bank account after the car is exported and registered  outside of the European Union with the documents provided by us at the point of sale. The required documents can be delivered by e-mail.

What do you need?

  1. Export document (MRN-number) and if necessary EURO-1
  2. A copy of the registration document in a non-European country
  3. Scanned documents (MRN-number) by the customs as a proof the car left the European Union

Buying a car B2C | NATO

Civilians and employees of NATO with a NATO status are allowed and entitled to tax exemption when buying a (used) car.

Also SHAPE AMIS I.D. card holders with relevant privileges are entitled to tax exemption when they buy one of our cars. For more information regarding purchasing without VAT, you are welcome to contact us at any time without obligation.

What do you need?

  • NATO I.D. card
  • NATO status with relevant privileges.
  • Registration certificate on the name of sponsor (you will receive this document after the registration procedure)

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